Enhance third party IAB creative by adding on an interactive and immersive creative template designed for mobile devices. In the mobile parallax add-on creative, as the user scrolls through site content the OEM medium rectangle creative is fully revealed. The mobile parallax add-on also offers the opportunity to add an OEM half page for enhanced exposure in full content pages. Customize the mobile parallax add-on experience with messaging above and below the third party creative.

Media Specifications

Pages Category SLPs
New/Used Year, Make, Model Page (YMM)
New/Used Year, Make, Model, Trim Page (YMMT)
Owners Year, Make, Model, Trim Page (YMMT)
Duration Any
Share of Voice Exclusive Sponsorship; 100% of impressions
Standard, Non-exclusive: less than 100% of available impressions
Geography National
Ad Serving Site served
Lead Time 5 business days
Device Mobile


Frequency Capping

No frequency capping

Additional Notes

No fourth-party pixels or calls may be added to ad tags without the prior written consent of Cox Automotive. Advertiser and/or agency is expressly prohibited from collecting any data from Cox Automotive, including website data and user behavioral data, without the prior written consent of Cox Automotive.

Deliverable Specifications

HEADER COPY (Optional):

  •  32 characters max, including spaces

 FOOTER COPY (Optional):

  • 32 characters max, including spaces


  • Third party ad tag – 300×250 JavaScript
  • Third party ad tag (Optional) – 300×600 JavaScript