The Leaderboard and Listing Liners ad placements provide advertising exposure in the highly-trafficked search path, where in-market shoppers are viewing inventory of specific makes and models. It gives advertisers the opportunity to showcase specific models and influence consideration within search results across all devices.

Leaderboard and Listing Liners are pinned across desktop and mobile to drive viewability and CPMs higher while reaching the broadest audience


Media Specifications

Pages Search results
Duration 1 month
Share of Voice Standard, Non-exclusive: less than 100% of available impressions
Geography DMA
Ad Serving Third Party
Lead Time 5 business days




Frequency Capping

No frequency capping

Additional Notes

No fourth-party pixels or calls may be added to ad tags without the prior written consent of Cox Automotive. Advertiser and/or agency is expressly prohibited from collecting any data from Cox Automotive, including website data and user behavioral data, without the prior written consent of Cox Automotive.


728×90 (Desktop/Tablet Breakpoints)

  • 728×90
  • No transparent backgrounds


National/Tier 1; Regional/Tier 2; Certified

Maximum file size

Desktop/Tablet: 728×90

  • Initial load max file size: 150K
  • Subload max file size: 300K
  • User-initiated load max file size: 200K
  • Alt Image Max File Size: 100k

Mobile: 320×50

  • No expansion allowed
  • No animation allowed
  • Max initial load size – 50kb
  • Subload max file size – 100k
  • Acceptable formats: GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Ad unit contwnet must be clearly distinguishable from normal webpage content

Text Links

Text Links: 0-3 links; max 25 characters

Content & Messaging

New, Used, or Certified

Video Enabled

Available on Click Only

Audio Enabled: Desktop/Tablet only

  • Available on Click Only
  • Audio Defaults to “off”
  • 30 Seconds Maximum Length

Animation: Desktop/Tablet only

Flash animation limited to 3 loops or 15 seconds

Rich Media Enabled: Desktop/Tablet only

See Guidelines

Note: Opportunities may exist to target regionally