The Segment Video provides a unique marketing opportunity by featuring your brand’s relevant video content within’s Path, Pricing, and award-winning Editorial pages. Targeting users based on segment grows awareness and
triggers consideration for your brand among quality, in-market audiences.

While Segment Video is more targeted, Run-of Video takes a broader approach by utilizing available units site-wide
for maximum exposure. This blanket approach grows awareness and consideration with flexible impression volumes.

Media Specifications

Pages Run of Video: Entire Site
Segment Video: Editorial Pages, New Car & Used Car Category Landing Pages, All Pricing Pages
Duration 3 month minimum
Share of Voice Standard, Non-exclusive: less than 100% of available impressions
Geography National
Ad Serving Third Party
Lead Time 10 business days
LEAN Guidelines

All Ads should adhere to LEAN Ad Standards as defined by IAB 2017 New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.

Additional details
The new guidance creates a more positive user experience by maximizing page load performance. This
should also improve the performance of the ad. In addition to new initial load and sub-load max weights, the LEAN guidance dictates the following:

  • Use lightweight file loads during initial load of the page
  • Eliminate or minimize render blocking scripts like CSS, JavaScripts during initial load
  • Use sub-load for rendering ad experiences that require heavy file weights
  • Minimize number of files requested during initial load. The maximum number of Initial Load file requests allowed is 10
  • Make user initiation required for ad functionality that needs large file downloads

OPTION 1: Third Party Served

• 16:9 aspect ratio
• 15 or 30 seconds
• VAST compliant ad tag
• MP4 preferred

OPTION 2: Site-Served

• 16:9 aspect ratio
• 15 or 30 seconds
• Supply URL to where video is hosted
• Impression tag
• Click tag
• MP4 preferred