KBB Mobile puts your brand in the hands of millions of on-the-go in-market car shoppers.

Through our innovative suite of mobile ad products, your brand can target a rapidly growing, unique audience of car shoppers with timely, relevant, optimized messages – engaging buyers at their most critical decision points.

Options include run of mobile as well as refined category targeting.

Advertisers also have the opportunity to upgrade to the larger 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (MREC) for even greater impact.

Media Specifications

Pages Run of Mobile
Applicable Category Pages
Duration 1 month
Share of Voice Standard, Non-exclusive: less than 100% of available impressions
Geography National
Ad Serving Third Party
Site served
Lead Time 10 business days
Device Mobile
Additional Notes

No fourth-party pixels or calls may be added to ad tags without the prior written consent of Cox Automotive. Advertiser and/or agency is expressly prohibited from collecting any data from Cox Automotive, including website data and user behavioral data, without the prior written consent of Cox Automotive.

Deliverable Specifications


  • 300 x 50 | 320×50
  • PNG, JPG, GIF (non-animated)
  • 12KB max file size


  • 300 x 50
  • HTML5, JavaScript, GIF
  • Animation: 15 seconds max
  • Initial load: 50KB max file size
  • Sub-load: 100KB max file size
  • We recommend a minimum font size of 8pt (11px) – 16pt (21px) for submitted creative


  • 300 x 250
  • PNG, JPG, GIF (non-animated)
  • 25KB max file size

Note: MREC will not be served in position 1 at the top of the page.