The Tier 1 Retention MREC is designed to not only capture and retain shoppers while they are in active search mode, but it also builds credibility and trust with its native look and feel.

This particular ad unit features a powerful combination of lifestyle imagery and research tools.  This potent tandem creates a favorable perception of your brand by influencing emotion through photography while maximizing opportunity to drive shopping actions.

The intent of the template options enable advertisers to increase on-page relevancy, enhance performance, and differentiate the messaging.

Media Specifications

Pages Retention Make/Model
Duration 1 month
Share of Voice Retention non-exclusive: less than 100% of available impressions
Geography National
Lead Time 10 business days
Device Desktop
LEAN Guidelines

All Ads should adhere to LEAN Ad Standards as defined by IAB New Ad Portfolio.

Additional details
The new guidance creates a more positive user experience by maximizing page load performance. This should
also improve the performance of the ad. In addition to new initial load and sub-load max weights, the LEAN
guidance dictates the following:

  • Use lightweight file loads during initial load of the page
  • Eliminate or minimize render blocking scripts like CSS, JavaScripts during initial load
  • Use sub-load for rendering ad experiences that require heavy file weights
  • Minimize number of files requested during initial load. The maximum number of Initial Load file requests allowed is 10
  • Make user initiation required for ad functionality that needs large file downloads

Header Text

Year Make Model

23 characters (optionally may break to two lines for a total of 64 characters).

Vehicle Image

300 pixels wide x 170 pixels tall

CTA #1 - 2

15 characters

Logo Image

58 pixels wide x 43 pixels tall (logo will always center over “Sponsored” text and align with the bottom of the logo container).