Audience includes Native IAB and non-IAB templates that serve relevant vehicle based on Consumer Insights data.

Serves relevant vehicle based on Consumer Insights data when ad server shows relevant CAMP 360 client is available. When CAMP 360 client is unavailable, it is backfilled through the personalization engine (powered by Consumer Insights data).

Access to qualified in-market shopper behaviors to target your audience and leverage data intelligence based on shopper behaviors

People who begin their search for a new car visit first to value their trade-in before beginning their search; OEMs will be able to leverage our data segments to reach those shoppers anywhere – expand reach of in-market audiences beyond

More Shopping Tools Module – Custom Compare is designed to not only capture and retain shoppers while they are in active search mode, but it also builds credibility and trust with its native look and feel.
This particular ad unit emphasizes the user’s natural inclination to research a particular model by featuring numerous key KPI links, maximizing opportunity to drive shopping actions. It also features’s Expert Rating,* among other useful data points, that are dynamic within the creative. *MSRP or Horsepower may be featured.

The intent of the template options enables advertisers to increase on-page relevancy, enhance performance, and differentiate the messaging.

The Latest Offers is a Native IAB template serves relevant vehicle based on Consumer Insights data.

“CAMP 360” is a framework created to deliver strategic marketing capabilities to Cox Auto clients in a way that enables us to be an indispensable member of a client’s digital marketing team and allow us to enter new client segments. 

This is about selling Cox Auto marketing capabilities, not products.Simply providing display advertising is not enough. Through collaboration, innovation, and marketing expertise we will influence and elevate our client’s brand perception in the market. 

Third Party serve or option to use a CAMP Template: Shopping Tools, Featured Deals, Schedule a Test Drive, Dynamic Incentives

Listings inclusions in addition to Listings Desktop Locked Leaderboard: Listings Mobile 320×50, 300×600 / 160×600 / 300×250 (collapses on mobile) & Desktop Superliner (728×200), or Mobile 300×250 in-line.

The Tout Ad is a Native IAB template serves relevant vehicle based on Consumer Insights data

Audience Onsite Cox Automotive Consumer Insights Platform