Native Owners Sponsored Content Module> National

January 20, 2023

Adaptive/Responsive Native integration/ sponsored placement located next to the start of the Owners experience

The Native Owners Sponsored Content Module provides the OEM with the choice of two unique, native-looking design options to capture motivated, in-market shoppers along the Owners path, one of the most highly trafficked on

Option A: feature vehicle image, name, tag line, logo and call-to-action

Option B: the feature vehicle image within a Thought Bubble icon, name, tag line, logo and call-to-action

This high profile, cross-platform solution is located directly adjacent to the start of the Owner’s experience. This “can’t miss” positioning injects your model into the consideration set of shoppers at the beginning of their journey. A call to action drives leads by linking to OEM’s desired destination page or to the vehicle description page on