J.D. Power: Third Party Automotive Website Press Release

January 18, 2023

Visual Web, Minimalist Navigation Tools Drive Increases in Shopper Satisfaction with Third-Party
Automotive Websites, Says J.D. Power

Following are the key findings of the 2016 study:
1) Visual Web Influences Site Preference: The study finds that the highest-scoring third-party auto
websites employ heavy use of visual Web design elements such as edge-to-edge imagery, cleaner
spacing and aesthetically pleasing call-to-action colors.
2) Expert Reviews Must Cover the Basics: Content is king when it comes to satisfying shoppers on
third-party sites, which includes ratings and reviews. Shoppers indicate the most important
content to cover in an expert review is safety (38%), performance (24%) and functionality (11%).
3) Satisfaction Drives Loyalty and Advocacy: The study finds that 83% of highly satisfied shoppers
(overall satisfaction scores of 901 or higher) using third-party websites say they “definitely will”