The SuperHero ad unit is an attention-getting unit that creates a “wow” factor with its persistent presence and high visibility placement on the Homepage and Car Values, Car Prices and Car Research Landing Pages.  The ad unit remains in a persistent location directly below the site’s primary navigation.  It appears full size on page load and remains expanded.  The large canvas commands full attention while captivating and engaging the consumer with your brand message.  Generate awareness among shoppers while leveraging video assets to create a deeper experience on that invites users to enjoy your rich content or quickly get additional information.

Exclusive Retention Onsite

“CAMP 360” is a framework created to deliver strategic marketing capabilities to Cox Auto clients in a way that enables us to be an indispensable member of a client’s digital marketing team and allow us to enter new client segments. 

This is about selling Cox Auto marketing capabilities, not products.Simply providing display advertising is not enough. Through collaboration, innovation, and marketing expertise we will influence and elevate our client’s brand perception in the market. 

The Regional Text Link is available to Regional/T2 CAMP 360 clients. This is a regionally served text link that sits near the pricing meter.

The regional text link allows internal and external click-outs and it is also positioned adjacent to the price advisor.

The 728×90 Leaderboard is part of the IAB standard banner sizes. This ad size works extremely well across site networks and is a popular ad that commands high-visibility on desktops/tablets.

This ad unit is commonly placed above the fold. It is generally a strong performing ad size.

Many KBB ad programs include the Leaderboard.

Adaptive/Responsive Native integration/ sponsored placement located next to the start of the Owners experience

The Native Owners Sponsored Content Module provides the OEM with the choice of two unique, native-looking design options to capture motivated, in-market shoppers along the Owners path, one of the most highly trafficked on

Option A: feature vehicle image, name, tag line, logo and call-to-action

Option B: the feature vehicle image within a Thought Bubble icon, name, tag line, logo and call-to-action

This high profile, cross-platform solution is located directly adjacent to the start of the Owner’s experience. This “can’t miss” positioning injects your model into the consideration set of shoppers at the beginning of their journey. A call to action drives leads by linking to OEM’s desired destination page or to the vehicle description page on

Run Of: Site, Make, Owners, Used, Español, Mobile, Mobile Awareness

The IAB (728×90, 300×250) and/or MMA (300×50) ads serve across the site, wherever impressions are available, up to impression goal

Clicks-through to OEM site

Impressions are non-guaranteed, subject to price competition