Advanced TV (ATV) provides advertisers an opportunity to utilize Cox Automotive’s data to target consumers on OTT/CTV and/or Addressable TV and minimize wastage in marketing spend on ATV. We use actual in-market signals from highly engaged consumers on the largest endemic properties to deliver unique, actionable audience segments; hence increasing efficiencies and return on advertising spend. The data we provide and how we provide varies based on how the video content is consumed.

OTT/CTV: Offered as a managed service where Cox Automotive’s team programmatically purchases video ads by targeting consumers using Cox Automotive’s in-market audience. 

Addressable TV: Make available CAI Audiences to MVPDs to power campaigns for clients. MVPDs are multichannel video programming distributors – services that provide multiple television channels – such as cable or satellite television services.

The CPO Listings Module provides OEMs with a unique marketing opportunity along the Used Car and YMMT pages to promote their Certified Pre-Owned vehicles/program.

When listings are available, the CPO Listings Module presents four models for consideration. The module carousels allowing the user to view more vehicles. A prominent call-to-action button clicks through to the OEM Certified Listings Classified page on KBB.

If listings are not available, a native, custom creative appears that reinforces the brand’s CPO program and calls out three competitive advantages that differentiate the program from competitors. This version also has a button that clicks through to the OEM Certified Listings Classified page on KBB.

Programmatic and Audience Targeting are advertising options available to our Local Reseller/Tier 3 clients.

Programmatic provides the opportunity to scale connections with audiences, message cross-platform, purchase inventory in real-time, and offers easy access to campaign performance measurement.


Non-guaranteed inventory. On demand inventory/buying. Campaign management/trafficking supported on buy-side.

Leverage multiple tech integrations including: Google AdX, Pubmatic, Amazon, etc.

Pricing: CPM Floors

Programmatic Benefits include