Overview: Significant volume of Toyota shopping activity, KBB.com Expert and Compare cars are key for Toyota shoppers, 26% Higher activity on Lexus new car pricing pages than competitive set, over 7.2M Toyota trade-in reports generated, driving qualified shoppers to Toyota, Toyota sponsorships drive more lower funnel activities, more Lexus content researched during RX homepage takeover, homepage takeover increases engagement.

Toyota Core 4 Insights:
A. The pace of growth is slowing
B. Income growth has been stagnant since the late ’90s
C. U.S. consumer confidence gains have stalled, foreshadowing a sales plateau
D. Consumer vehicle purchasing power is on the decline
E. Incentive spending is rising to sustain the record sales pace
F. Subprime is now accounting for a higher portion of the mix
G. Opportunity for non-lux OEMs to ‘turn the tides’ back if economy does stall out
H. RAV4 share of compact SUV has grown slightly
I. Cross-shopping review for Camry XS, Corolla XS, RAV4, Prius XS
J. Everything except Prius has increased in loyalty over past 2 years
K. Camry is being priced near the segment average
L. Corolla is priced below segment average – created an opportunity to translate consumers to higher trims / Affordability opportunity
M. RAV4 vs. compact SUV pricing curves
N. Prius is priced below other alternative fuel vehicles… / leads its competitive set in perceptions in nearly every category
O. Camry perceptions are very high
P. RAV4 does not lead any factor, but above average on all

Disruptions getting a lot of attention: urbanization, gen z/millennials, sharing economy

Implications & Considerations: industry implications, dealer/OEM considerations, COX Automotive considerations.

BrandWatch is KBB.com Strategic Insight team’s longest running tracker that provides an overview of automotive brand performance, Brand Snapshots. This report is now retired, the last quarterly update is for Q3 2015. The OEM Sales lead is listed as the contact for the brand and all references are cited. BrandWatch Topline highlights year-over-year brand trends, top vehicles, notable shifts in consideration, and provides factors of importance ratings. Areas of focus include: Brand consideration, Segment consideration, Factors of importance, Top 10 lists.