Toyota Highlander Accelerator Key Takeaways:

Higher Engagement Rate on Highlander Accelerator (0.70%) than Benchmark (0.56%)

Strong video engagement; 65% Completed Video plays

Strong CTR on Mobile Compare & Consider Entry (CTR = 0.37%) and Landing Page (CTR = 2.00%)

Campaign increased top-of-mind awareness for Toyota Highlander

Highlander lifted mid-size utility vehicle traffic 3pts higher during the campaign period, compared to the pre-Accelerator period

Highlander share of traffic increased amongst all Toyota hub models and its competitive set

Based on cross-shopping, Highlander redesign has helped better define the competitive set in the eyes of the consumer

October 2014 – January 2015

Tablet advertising included Brand Center Sponsorship – Brand Center, Model Centers; Luxury

Homepage execution was successful in driving over 11K engagements on the expanded module resulting in a 391% engagement rate (Slide 4)

Lincoln MKC gained 34% in competitive share on New Car Hub page views during homepage takeover

New Car Homepage ad clicks and sidekick engagements performed at least 2.5 times higher than benchmark

Media Blitz placements delivered performed 54% above run of site benchmark while delivering over 10K visitors to

Lincoln MKC retention ad performance jumped 15% while featuring the integrated wallpaper

MKC’s mobile placements delivered over 13 million impressions creating brand awareness while performing over 4 times higher than desktop placements (0.48% CTR)

Key Takeaways:

Advertiser C Boosts Share of Investment 150%
Advertiser C Shifts Behavioral Landscape
Jeep is now a Top Defection Destination for LR Owners
JLR Shoppers Gain Exposure to Competitor Ads
Jeep is Garnering Increasing Interest Among LR Shoppers
Jaguar Shoppers are Considering Vehicles in Both Luxury and Non-Lux Segments
Subcompact SUV Segment Will Be a Huge 2015 Focus
Upcoming Competitor New Model Launches and Redesigns for 2014 – 2015