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A 360-degree view of the automotive OEM digital marketing landscape, brought to you by CAMP 360.

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A 360-degree view of the OEM digital marketing landscape.

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CAMP 360 6-Month Retrospective

Aug 31, 2021
Kenita Johnson, Cox Automotive Director of Analytics

The past six months have continued to show us that there will always be another surprising market change or challenge. As I think back on the first six months since our launch, CAMP 360 continues to help solve complex business problems to help clients reach the right customer more efficiently than ever.

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Balancing car buyer expectations and data privacy changes in automotive marketing

Jul 19, 2021
Jillian Davis

Welcome to the new normal. Digital marketers are at a crossroads where car buyers’ digital expectations are meeting data privacy regulations and changes — and you need a road map to navigate this tricky and often technical terrain. In […]

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Channeling Marketing Momentum During an Inventory Disruption

May 19, 2021
By Jade Terreberry

A worldwide shortage of semiconductor microchips has created significant disruption in the automotive industry. With several OEMs slowing or temporarily stopping vehicle production, many are reconsidering marketing plans until supply normalizes. So, how do you best channel your […]

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Creating a Positive Charge for Electric Vehicle Shoppers

Apr 13, 2021
By Damon Johnson

It’s no longer “ready or not, here it comes.” The age of the electric vehicle has arrived. With the EV segment’s challenge to internal combustion engines, OEMs are at a […]

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Navigating the Accelerated New Car Shopping Journey

Mar 24, 2021
With Vanessa Ton

What a difference a year makes For 11 years, the annual Car Buyer Journey Study, conducted by Cox Automotive (formally known as Autotrader Group), has analyzed new car buyer survey […]

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User First Experience: How the New Is Creating Music to New Car Shoppers’ Ears

Mar 3, 2021
With Alec Gutierrez

Digital marketing can be a lot like listening to an orchestra warm-up. You hear the beat from the percussion section and long notes from the strings floating in the undercurrent […]

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