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Creating a Positive Charge for Electric Vehicle Shoppers

Apr 13, 2021
By Damon Johnson

It’s no longer “ready or not, here it comes.” The age of the electric vehicle has arrived. With the EV segment’s challenge to internal combustion engines, OEMs are at a […]

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Navigating the Accelerated New Car Shopping Journey

Mar 24, 2021
With Vanessa Ton

What a difference a year makes For 11 years, the annual Car Buyer Journey Study, conducted by Cox Automotive (formally known as Autotrader Group), has analyzed new car buyer survey […]

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User First Experience: How the New Is Creating Music to New Car Shoppers’ Ears

Mar 3, 2021
With Alec Gutierrez

Digital marketing can be a lot like listening to an orchestra warm-up. You hear the beat from the percussion section and long notes from the strings floating in the undercurrent […]

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